Lockdown 2.0

Because I live in Wales, I’ve been under lockdown restrictions for nearly two weeks now. To be honest, it didn’t sound too bad to me when it was first announced. The end date was set and is still due to be the 9th of November, so two and a bit weeks of restrictions on normal…

How to earn some money during a global pandemic.

It’s been a tough ride for everyone during 2020 with mass job losses, lockdown, economic hardship, mental health instability, being kept apart from friends and family – the list could go on and on but I’ll stop here for all of our peace of minds (or what’s left of it). However, one section of the…

Perfect Houseplants for beginners

Over about 5 years I have accumulated around 50 houseplants which have now taken over my flat. These plants range from the very easy Spider plants to the more difficult Calatheas. For this post though, I will be looking at 5 of my personal favourite plants to start with as a beginner. Spider plant The…


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