Perfect Houseplants for beginners

Over about 5 years I have accumulated around 50 houseplants which have now taken over my flat. These plants range from the very easy Spider plants to the more difficult Calatheas. For this post though, I will be looking at 5 of my personal favourite plants to start with as a beginner.

Spider plant

The first plant that would be ideal for a beginner is the famous Spider plant. This was the second plant that I adopted (first was a classic cactus) and has so far created around 10 other spider plants from propagations. This plant requires minimal watering (I water mine maybe once a week) and, of course, some sunlight. Sometimes, if happy enough, it will produce lovely little white flowers during spring time. This makes this plant not only easy to care for and lovely to look at, but also one of the best plants to keep growing your collection (that’s if you want a house full of them of course).

Snake plant

The Snake plant is one of my most recent purchases when it comes to houseplants but has already proven itself worthy to be a part of this list. With minimal watering needed and care in general, this plant is a great starter for anyone new to the houseplant world. Not only does it look cool, but it is said to be one of the best houseplants for creating a cleaner air. Obviously this is not a doctors opinion but a family member with asthma has had one in his bedroom for a few months now following struggling with his breathing. Over this time he has seen improvements in his sleep which was originally interrupted by waking up out of breath and coughing.

Swiss Cheese

The third and one of my most favourite plants (incoming bias) is the Swiss Cheese/Monstera plant. This plant is a must have for any plant lover. Easy to care for and fast growing makes this plant one of the most fun plants to care for and watch grow. From having one of these for a few years I have learned that every new leaf is bigger than the last and this plant will soon turn your house into a jungle. In addition, this plant is super easy to propagate, increasing your collection even more (or others if you are generous enough to give props away!). If you are very lucky, you might even be able to get your hands on a variegated version of these which can produce the most satisfying white and green leaves and doesn’t really require much more care than a normal one. Overall, this plant is easy to care for, really fast growing and can help to create a jungle atmosphere in your living room.

Philodendron scandens Brasil

From having this plant as a part of my collection for about 2 years, I can say I just LOVE this plant. Every leaf looks different with darker greens and lime greens and it grows SO fast. This plant does require a bit more water than the others (it will survive on minimal but it won’t thrive as well as it could) but honestly it is so satisfying watching it drink all the water from a tray. Like some of the other plants, this plant is also really easy to propagate which makes it really easy to create a more full looking plant or easy to just to create more plants for yourself or friends.

Air plants

Lastly, but not least, is the Air plant. Air plants are one of the easiest plants ever. Although they benefit from the occasional soak, it’s not necessarily a regular need (depends on the Air plant too). Their primary need is sunlight and if they need anything else they will tell you through the browning of the tips of their leaves. Not only are they low maintenance but they also just look cool and different from other plants. They can ✨ add a little bit of spice ✨ to your home.


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